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Aviation Maintenance Tech

The Company:  Aflac Incorporated
The Location: 

Columbus, GA, US, 31999

The Division:  Corporate Services
Job Id:  3357

Job Summary

Performs regular safety inspections, routine preventive maintenance, troubleshoots and repairs company aircraft for safety and reliability. Helps maintain maintenance and inspection records for company aircraft in accordance with FAA regulations. Assists with scheduled aircraft maintenance to maximize aircraft availability and minimize inconvenience to our passengers. Performs other tasks around the hangar facilities as required.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities

• Perform regular safety inspections on company aircraft.


• Perform troubleshooting and repair as required on company aircraft.


• Perform maintenance on our company aircraft on the road with short notice.


• Perform the position of Flight Technician as required for our company.


• Perform upkeep of facility mechanicals, liaison for support services and special projects.


• Manage and accomplish tasks as necessary related to troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, operation, record keeping and upgrading of systems and equipment installed in and around the facility including but not limited to:

• Security System

• Fire Protection System

• First Aid

• Gates and Locks

• Heating and Air Conditioning

• Telephone and Automated Attendant

• Fuel Farm

 • Aircraft Support Equipment/GSE

• Water Filtration Equipment

• Landscaping and Sprinkler System

• Perform aircraft fueling and movement.


• Perform cleaning and servicing of aircraft.


• Assisting with arriving and dispatching departing aircraft.


• Monitoring and maintaining the fuel farm and fuel inventories.


• Scheduling and interfacing with hangar facilities contractors.


• Perform routine hangar inspections.


• Order and assist in maintaining aircraft spare parts inventory.


• Conduct a periodic inventory and replacing outdated materials.


• Maintain consumable maintenance stock.


• Research, recommend and provide support for facility improvements.


• Conduct scheduled hangar inspections for security, OSHA, and safety issues.


• Assist with maintaining department recycling program.


• Interface with the Aflac Security Department and vendors with confirming and ensuring hangar security.


• Perform processing of items for shipping, receiving, and storage.


• Assist and Monitor vendors with hangar facility roof access.


• Assist with seasonal hangar equipment and hangar storm preparedness.


• Research for new initiatives particularly focused on enhancing safety, operational capability, and cost control.


• Other responsibilities may be assigned.



Education & Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Maintenance Science, Aviation Technical Management, Aviation Business Administration, or other Aviation or Management related program
  • Currently FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certified
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid Passport
  • Six or more years total aviation experience. In the past two years will have actively performed; Aircraft inspecting, repairing, servicing, and the capacity of returning/approving an aircraft to return to service as a certified A&P Technician

 Or an equivalent combination of education and experience


Education & Experience Preferred

  • Experience working on Gulfstream G280’s, or other models of Mid-Sized, SuperMid-Sized or Large-Cabin business aircraft.
  • Previously attended Gulfstream, Collins and/or Honeywell Engine training classes.
  • Experience in a senior or lead role
  • Current FAA Inspection Authorization



Greater than, equal to 50%


Job Knowledge & Skills

• Knowledge of practices in accordance with current industry standards, methods, materials, tools, and equipment.


• Knowledge of the principles of aircraft systems operations.


• Knowledge of the testing and diagnostic equipment used to troubleshoot and repair aircraft.


• Ability to identify, analyze, and resolve complex aircraft system problems.


• Knowledge of and experience with Aflac-operated aircraft.


 • Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communications skills to effectively interact with Aflac’s senior management, and internal/external business contacts, and ability to exhibit and maintain professionalism in accordance with corporate standards.



  • Acting with Integrity
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Pursuing Self-Development
  • Serving Customers
  • Supporting Change
  • Supporting Organizational Goals
  • Working with Diverse Populations

Nearest Major Market: Columbus GA