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Sr Database Administrator

The Company:  Aflac Dental & Vision
The Location: 


The Division:  Dental & Vision
Job Id:  2636

Job Summary

Creates databases, resolves problems and manages database integration activities; provides DBA consulting and support to business and technology partners; provides support in database design activities including data modeling and schema creation; maintains standards and review of code to meet standards; reviews code for performance; supports production environment by researching errors and performance issues; Monitors and optimizes database performance; assists with data model maintenance and updates; assists other teams with best practices and troubleshooting including system administrators, security administrators and auditors.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Works with data architects and developers to develop database designs; ensures that physical data model is normalized to match client specifications and established procedures 
  • Creates databases and schemas from internally developed designs 
  • Assists with maintenance to SQL standards; enforces standards as required 
  • Reviews code for conformance to standards and performance 
  • Reviews execution plans and implements schema changes to increase performance as necessary including indexes and partitions 
  • Assist in application support of new and existing systems; database capacity planning; exploring and implementing new database technologies and tools 
  • Supports the database analyst in maintaining the physical data model and controlling the physical database definition according to business rules and structure
  • Coordinates the installation of application and database system upgrades as well as additions to the data dictionary 
  • Establishes and maintains the data repository; creates, modifies, and installs catalogs and reports on servers across the company 
  • Develops database backup and recovery procedures 
  • Provides training to database administrators and other operational or application support teams 
  • Implements new data technologies and releases; assists in evaluation of database administration tools that will increase database efficiency 
  • Balances the optimization of data access with batch loading and resource use factors 
  • Works closely with analysts to recommend, develop, and implement measurements for systems performance against expectations 
  • Implements program performance specifications; provides support for clients accessing data stored in DBMS and data warehouses; supports the development of stored procedures and triggers 
  • Interfaces with database administrators, database analysts, and vendors involved in the initial planning stages of projects and make recommendations on medium to high complex data structures for reporting and analysis queries 
  • Provides input to integrated logical data model, minimizing data element redundancy, and maximizing the compatibility and usefulness of data; communicates and validates modeling issues to a variety of audiences 
  • Supports the analyst in responding to events on the database to ensure compliance with service level agreements 
  • Assists the analysts in planning data structure for DSS/EIS 
  • Supports multiple servers and multiple databases of medium to high complexity, with multiple concurrent users, ensuring control, integrity, and physical accessibility of the data 
  • Designs and builds security structure needs for the DBMS or data warehouse; performs reporting tool security 
  • Provides capacity planning analysis for database resource requirements in the areas of internal architecture and performance tuning; develops efficient database calls (e.g., review of SQL joining strategies) 
  • Is involved in designing, physical modeling, developing, and supporting large RDBMS systems; may lead and review physical database designs 
  • Leads the design, construction, and implementation of operational DBMS, data stores, data warehouses, and data marts that enable informational, analytical management inquiry; develops processes to increase reliability, integrity, and availability of cross platform data access


Education & Experience Required 

  • Minimum Required Bachelor's Degree computer science information systems 
  • Minimum Required Six or more years of database admin experience
  • Minimum Required Three years’ experience working with various database management systems in database design, testing, implementation, maintenance and administration or an equivalent combination of education and experience


Or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Job Knowledge & Skills 

  • Troubleshooting 
  • SQL Server 
  • Database Capacity Planning 
  • Database Design 
  • Database Implementation 
  • Database Monitoring 
  • Database Testing 
  • Erwin or other modeling tool 
  • Execution plan diagnosis 
  • DB2 Concepts + Architecture 
  • DB2 Tools + Utilities 
  • Oracle Concepts + Architecture: 
  • Oracle Tool + Utilities 
  • Database Backup and Recovery 
  • Disaster Recovery Planning 
  • Database Replication 
  • Database Upgrades and Reorg



  • Acting with Integrity 
  • Communicating Effectively 
  • Pursuing Self-Development 
  • Serving Customers 
  • Supporting Change 
  • Supporting Organizational Goals 
  • Working with Diverse Populations 


Working Conditions

The statements below describe the general nature and level of the work and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required.

Normal office environment (virtual or in-person)



None Required